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Methods for the use of automatic and automatic sidewalks

1, according to by the former should fasten shoelace, pay attention to loose, drag clothing (e.g., skirt, dress, etc.), to prevent is step edges, comb plate, apron plate or inner cover hanging pull.

In 2, the escalator or walkway at the entrance, passengers should take according to the order, do not push each other. Especially in the elderly, children and poor eyesight should pay attention to the common use.

33, passengers on the escalator steps at the entrance to the steps of the level of the operation, should pay attention to the feet away from the edge of the stairs, standing on the steps of the yellow safety warning. Please do not trample on the junction of the 2 cascade, so as not to run to the inclined section due to height difference before and after the cascade cascade and fall. Ride the escalator or sidewalk, do not put shoes or clothing touch glass or metal balustrade at the lower part of the apron plate or inner cover, cascade movement to avoid hanging pull caused by personal injury.

44, passengers should stand facing direction of motion of the cascade, a walking hold handrail and to prevent for emergency stop ladders or others push accidents caused by body falls. If you are not synchronized with the failure of the arm, the attention to adjust the position of the hand at any time.

55, in the escalator or travelator cascade exit, passengers should shun cascade motion heels quickly taken, crossed comb plate resting on the front plate, to prevent mix down or shoes to be clamped.

66, do not stay in the escalator or automatic sidewalk exit, so as not to affect the arrival of other passengers.