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New technology of elevator automation

At present, China has become the world's largest elevator manufacturing country, in the elevator and escalator to maintain the volume and new aspects are in the first place in the world. As the world's largest producer and the use of the country, China should become the elevator equipment technology innovation and research and development base.

In recent years, the domestic and international elevator manufacturers to develop and design work around the safety, energy saving, environmental protection, intelligence, and the main line of development. The development of the drive system, control system, alarm and communication system and remote monitoring system of the elevator is gradually moving to the main line.

The drive system will gradually eliminate the high energy consumption of a gear master, the use of efficient permanent magnet synchronous machine without gear. At the same time, to improve the efficiency of the main engine, reduce the size of the motor, and adopt a series of new suspension system solutions, but also to improve the motor structure and manufacturing process; control system will be micro development, with the integration of variable frequency drive technology needs to develop. At the same time, with popularization of intelligent diagnosis, transparent system, intelligent control system and technology, and to the personal safety considerations, all kinds of sensors and control technology will be applied more and more attention.

We note that there is little change in the last 100 years of the elevator protection technology. This is because the regulations restrict, electrical protection must be a simple mechanical and electrical technology, and series of system reliability is low, the fault is difficult to troubleshoot. And based on EN 61508, the new standard makes it possible to innovate; in the remote monitoring and maintenance technology, because of its performance in the elevator running state, the operation of information statistics, as well as the system for remote diagnosis and investigation, has become the focal point of the elevator manufacturers. At present, we must do the work of building the data model of the elevator operation, provide an expert system for preventive maintenance, and establish a unified operating data description method of cross platform. In addition, with the concept of energy saving in the elevator industry, the control technology of the escalator has become the inevitable trend of the development of the elevator technology.