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Development of elevator control technology and the progress of automation technology

Every technological progress in any field of human history is based on a certain technological platform. Every time the development of the elevator control technology is closely related to the technical progress in the field of automation.

Based on the continuous improvement of related industries such as automation, we believe that the elevator control technology will also have the following trends: more energy saving, environmental protection, running faster (ultra fast), to enhance the height of higher (super high) to and better comfort. Among them, the elevator's energy saving is getting more and more attention by the elevator group and the whole society. So, energy saving and environmental protection will be a very clear direction of the development of the elevator technology. This relates to the full application of energy feedback technology, the application of new energy saving control technology and the use of new components.

Due to the need of the development of the elevator technology, the development of the automation field and application in the elevator automation products, have higher requirements and better opportunities. In basic research, such as the theory of matrix variable frequency theory, the theory of super capacitor application need to be further in-depth; for the operation control system, it is required to run faster and higher control precision. The use of the CPU chip frequency is more and more high, more and more powerful; for power devices, require larger capacity; for the reliability of circuit breakers, contactors, relays and other products more and more high; for the electrical products selected, its energy consumption is more and more small; because of the society in recent years to EMC (the electromagnetic compatibility problem) more and more attention, the National Standardization Committee has formulated a recommendation of the elevator elevator related electromagnetic compatibility standards (GB/T 24807-2009, GB/T 24808-2009), so in the elevator, the electrical system design, electromagnetic compatibility and filter reactor components are also put forward higher requirements; for human-computer interaction technology and equipment, such as information display system, elevator control system and so on, provides a better prospect of application."