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10 kinds of dangerous behavior to be avoided by taking steps

1, repeat press button. Waiting for the elevator, often someone repeat the button, so repeatedly press the button will cause the elevator to stop, delay time may also cause the button failure.

2, stay in the hall door and the car door. The elevator accident prone is the door, stuck between the landing door and car door is the most dangerous action, some passengers out of the elevator will stop for a short time, chatting with people. This is very dangerous, experts suggest that out of the elevator is best Kuaijinkuaichu.

3, rely on the door. A lot of people waiting for the elevator when likes to lean on the door temporary rest, if you open the elevator, the car not on the floor, it is very easy to fell into the well, or the car and hoistway stuck.

4, with hands, feet, sticks and other items to prevent the door. When the elevator door is closed, the passengers will stop the door with the hands, feet, sticks and other items. Experts recommend the best or the passengers please wait for the next press the button to open the door inside the elevator. The elevator man don't stretched, tantoutannao, but can not carry items on clearance stop ladder door closed.

5, the rain dripping umbrella into the elevator. This will not only wet the floor, but also the water along the gap into the well may cause a short circuit.

6, as long as the elevator door opened, to the inside. Such an accident occurred in the Chenzhou in 2003: the third floor of the elevator door was opened, but the elevator is not on the floor, a man hurried to catch the elevator, lower the head to inside blunt and fell down. What is worse, there is a woman also comes in step behind him, the two people killed on the spot. If there is no elevator pushes a button and the door was wide open, must be admitted to step carefully see the: in front of the car or the abyss.

7, coins and other objects into the elevator to use their hands or tools to dig into the gap. In the lift of the process, sometimes there will be coins, necklaces and other items into the elevator door and the hole in the gap, should immediately inform the elevator professionals to help deal with, do not have their own hands or tools to dig into the gap.

8, in the operation of the car in the bounce, mess press button. Such a move, mostly in the little friend, sometimes take the elevator to play, to go up, press each button, and then down, and press each button.

9, weight overload. General lift of the load of 1000 kg, 13 people, but we can often see the inside full of people, in fact, it is quite dangerous.

10, the hand opens the elevator. When the elevator suddenly stopped, a lot of people because of panic forced by hand opens the elevator door or attempt to climb from the security window.